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TESTIMONIALS|What People Are Saying

"Without satisfied customers, we will no longer have a business"

- Steve Buchenroth, CEO


What our Customers are saying

Can do attitude. Willing to work together to find a better solution.

Everyone I have contact with at WCPI is both friendly and accommodating. It is a pleasure doing business with them.

Amy Garver does an excellent job. Scott and Dave Wisniewski are responsive and knowledgeable.

Customer Service is great. WCPI has quick response timing when NCA has a concern. Great team of people to work with.

Great quality, low cost, friendly and helpful customer service.

I always get great customer service from Amy and Becky.They are knowledgeable and helpful with keeping orders/accums straight. Wish all vendors were as conscientious.

Amy Garver is excellent at Customer Service.

Very friendly CS reps.

Prompt Service. When there was an issue you and your customer service / quality teams were notified and responded promptly and efficently.

Customer service is excellent. I feel that my contact is always looking out for our company to make sure we have what we need and if there are any issues, I feel that they are taken care of promptly. I also like the "family atmosphere" of your company. I visited your facility last year and felt very welcomed.

Responsive, Open, and honest

I only deal with the quality department, but they are excellent. They respond back to iissues quickly and do a thorough job with their response. Matt and Kathy are my favorite suppliers to work with. You can't beat their personalities.

Excellent Customer Service and quick to respond to Quality and Delivery issues.

Customer service rep is outstanding.

Good attitude and always responsive to issues concerning current production, as well as new model.

Can-do attitude. Always willing to help out


What our Employees are saying

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