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Engineering & Design at WCPI Offers:

  • Creative solutions to part design, part performance, moldability, assembly, cost and packaging issues

  • A team of engineers who thrive on solving very difficult problems. We become part of  YOUR team.



Case Studies

  • A customer had problems with parts cracking. Our team identified the problem as gate location, and we built a new tool with improved gating. In the past several years, zero occurences of cracking have been reported.

  • A customer needed to specify a material for a new application. Our team built a test mold and worked with material suppliers to formulate a material blend that satisfied the OEM specifications.

  • A customer had a part design that was being misused by end users. We helped them redesign the part to prevent the misuse.

  • A customer had an assembly part composed of four molded pieces. We suggested a design change that eliminated two of the molded pieces.

  • A customer had been receiving bulk-packed parts, for over two years, with a small percentage of parts being warped. Our team proved that the root cause of the warp was packaging. From there we developed a pack method for the same returnable container that would not cause warp. We then installed a Motoman 6-axis robot to pack the parts in an orderly arrangement, and our customer has received no warped parts since implementation.


Engineering & Design at WCPI

  • Rapid prototyping, 3D printing of 3D models, for a quick hands-on review of the parts.

  • Engineers that are RJG Master Molder II certified with degrees in either Plastics Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.

  • The use of Solidworks and other CAD related software.

  • A team that develops automation systems internally to meet the requirements of each project to maximize labor efficiencies and promote process stability and repeatability.



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