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World Class Plastics, Inc. :

  • Provides Customer Service, Teamwork and Cooperation for long-term partnerships

  • Exceeds Customer Expectations through Leadership, Training, and Process Control

  • Strives to add value in all that we do


how we think

Our Philosphy

we excel at

Customer Service

We believe that quality starts with a firm commitment by company leaders to influence positive change, establish systems that prevent nonconforming product and train associates to customer specifications.  As a result, we are driven by leadership, training and process control.

what is important to us

Company Values

Of all World Class Plastics, Inc.’s capabilities, it is our customer service that is rated the highest by customers.  Each associate understands that WCPI can only be successful when the customer is successful.  As a result, it is critical that WCPI delivers a solution to the customer that meets or exceeds the needs of the market place.

It has been proven that face-to-face communication is most effective.  WCPI works to personally be at the customer for as many questions or issues as is reasonably possible.  If a customer has a design question, an engineer shows up to work through the details.  If a production or quality issue occurs, appropriate personnel are sent to the customer to find the root cause of the problem and fix it.  The customer service group works as quickly as needed to get answers to questions.

It really is true:
    "We work to build trust and form relationships that last."


- Be a Leader in the solution


- Value the input of others

- Platinum Rule: Treat others the way they   want to be treated

​-We are a work family


-The idea of making a contribution to others by helping them in a meaningful way.

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